Sunday, January 30, 2011

Will I still believe?? (May 1, '09 5:38 AM)

What would you do when all or most of the things that you've believed before where all changed by someone for good?

me...I accepted all the change... I've let myself be open to the things... open-minded to all information... openly considered the fair judging of which is the best and what's not.

What would you do when someone let you believe that true love with pure honesty and dedication could exist?

When you thought that before this was just a fantasy...

What would you do when someone let you believe that everyone is different from others, that someone out there is unique enough?

When you thought that all are the same... that no matter how kind they are, there's just somethings in them that made them all the same, things that made me think that they are stupid enough to fool you in the end and could not be trusted.

What would you do when someone let you believe that for once promises could never be broken?

When before every promises that someone made was just a joke, that all of it could be or meant to be broken. that only few had proven that i should believe there promises.

What would you do?

I did try to believe to all of the things I hated and avoided before should not be viewed as it was... I changed my views to all this things and until now I still believe to the things they thought me to change... but then....
...What if the same person that let you believe was also the one who changed what you believe now and everything that he/she ought you to believe could all go to an end? that everything he/she showed you before... all the promises he/she made... was now different to what he/she is showing now?

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