Monday, February 14, 2011

Fairy tale Fantasies

4/4/09 2:03 pm
as a little child, I'd always fancy princesses in there nice gowns and shoes, enormous castles standing above the hill overlooking a great wonder but above that all what I've dreamed a lot was the true love they had experienced and there happily ever after life with their prince charming.

I was always been amazed by the true beauty of true love in fairy tales. Of how divine it was. I fancy how a princess would find her true love in just a simple meeting, of how true love would show them who there prince charmings would be. I adore the mystery of how true love would guide someone to find their lost love in just a slight touch in the hand and tell that his really the right one. I am thrilled by how love would last forever and love only one person. That's the true love I've been dreaming of, the true love that I know, the true love that I believed that would be,and a true love with happily ever after.
The true love that could only happened in fairy tales and fantasy but never in reality...?

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