Thursday, December 2, 2010

where did my brain went???

I just don't feel right today. I don't know if I'm disappointed with myself or am I just so exhausted that my mind is racking that it doesn't know what to think and even do know what to do... I'm having ambivalent feelings now... I wanted to study coz I think I'm wasting time but part of me says "let your brain rest". I don't want to feel this way again... Feeling like having amnesia after the exam... Feeling that my brain just got out of my skull... I'm trying hard to remember the things I've answered but it's just difficult... I know I can remember but the thing is I can't put it to words... I think I wanted to take my brain inside my head and dissect it... Waaaaaaaa... I don't want this same feeling after the NLE... God pls help me...

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