Sunday, January 30, 2011

my star! (May 17, '07 12:14 AM)

Why can’t I be happy?
Why is it that there’s always something blocking my happiness?
When will I be free?
When will I feel the real happiness?
When will I consider myself/my life full of smiles? (not fake smiles)

I’ve always been wearing my fake smile, my mask, my cloak.

Am I just being selfish? Or am I just being to sensitive?

But is it selfish when I always dreamt to have a quiet life with no one telling me what to do. On the other hand, is it being selfish if you want to be happy?

When will I reach the star?
The star I’ve always dream of… has slowly vanish….
My star… is a star of my freedom, a star of my happiness, the love that I longed for since I am a child….

I don’t need material things I only need my star….

I know no one could understand me but only myself….
I know I am weird… I am foolish… I am numb….

It is hard…
It is hideous….
I am full of misery…
I am full of loneliness…
And I m tired… worn-out…

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