Friday, August 24, 2012

Dark Clouds

Just how my heart feels...
The season seems the same...
It's having dark clouds again
and sooner or later rain will pour on the window pane.
How good will it be to feel if the sun would shine for me.
But this kind of weather
just keeps on making me gloomy as ever.
And seeing those angry waves
makes me feel scared like a naive.
I don't know why
but it's just what I feel
But no matter what...
I'll still stay as positive as I can be
that someday...
there will come a good day,
a rainbow after the rain
and behind the clouds, a shining sun.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's Wash Day

It's a bright sunny day today and I'm feeling industrious this day... so I decided to wash all my stuff toys since it has been long when they were washed.

Never taught that it had been this much now...
This are some of my stuff toys since I was a child...

Among all this... I'm loving my HELLO KITTYs' the most... ^^
Still collecting those... but my mom said I should be donating this now because she said I am not a child anymore.
WAAAAAAA..... that is a NO NO.... this are mine and will always be mine. HAHAHA


Rooftop Prince / Attic Prince Review

I started watching Rooftop Prince today since it has been in my Plan to watch list since the first episode was aired. I was really curious about this drama series from the start because I have seen from Online streaming sites that it was part of their Top 10.

So last night when I was reading it's description and was listening to OST, my curiosity pushed me to start watching it.

Watching the first 2 episodes make me feel excited every moment... I really love the story line and actors portraying them. As I continuously watched every episode makes me excited even more that I feel like I just couldn't afford to stop and continue the next day. It's like eating your favorite food that every time you take a bite makes you crave for more.

So I continued watching this drama till midnight and it take me the whole 2 days to completely finish this.  I'm really going crazy with this drama... so addicted... that my brother told me that I'm being so crazily addicted with this drama.

What I loved about this drama is it's unique storyline that would never let you be bored but will make you curious for what will happen in the next upcoming scene and it also hilariously funny that I can't help laughing out loud even if I'm watching it at midnight. I also love it's OSTs' and the cute >_< chibi drawn in every end of the episode. So I hope everyone would also find this drama worth watching for because I really really recommend it guys... ^^

And now after watching it... I am planning of watching it all over again and maybe summarizing the whole drama... hehehe

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