Tuesday, July 31, 2012

like a bird

Sitting outside looking at a busy street
Watching people walking, talking
Rain keeps pouring heavy seems like the gods were angry.
 Strong winds swaying my hair
And here am I thinking...
 What kind of life am I living
 it seems like I am nothing
 Feeling worthless yet here am I
 Sitting... thinking...
 Why am I like this?
What am I doing right here?

 I saw a young bird leaping on the ground
 Trying to fly yet can't seem to go to high
never giving up despite the wind and rain
 It's all alone yet so strong...
Then I started thinking...
 How I wish I could be that bird
Trying hard despite of everything
Doing things just by him
Never giving up nor hiding..

If only I have guts to fly
not ever wondering what's ahead
If only I could learn to struggle on my own
Not getting scared being all alone
 If only I...
 Would stop thinking...
What am I doing right now?
Why am I like this...
Living a life so worthless
Thinking I am nothing
 If only I could just think
That God has a purpose for me
That God would never leave me
All I have to do is pray...
That someday...
like a bird I can fly away

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