Monday, July 9, 2012

Be Clear Cleansing Foam

So here it is, my product review on Be Clear Cleansing foam of Etude House.

I bought this product almost a month ago when the cleansing foam that I was using was out of stock, so I have no choice but to try this one. Sincerely, I always have difficulties finding the right product to use since my skin is sensitively a mix of different skin types. And break outs would always be my first problem.

So after running out of Happy Tea time Cleansing foam and switching to Be clear, I experienced another set of break outs that made me upset and I was thinking maybe it's because of the change of product. It even crossed my mind to stop using it, but still since it would be a waste of money I tried enduring and thought that maybe it's just for a set of days. So in the end, I continued using it for a couple of weeks more.

On my part, I bought Etude House Be Clear Foam because my previous cleansing foam was out of stock and since I need something to temporarily replace it, I've looked at the different cleansing foams available at etude house and this is what they suggested.
Second, I've been hearing a lot of good stuffs about the effect of this product so maybe it's quite a good thing to try it once.

I always have oily sensitive skin that made it difficult for me to choose the right cleansing foam that would suit me. But before when I was still in my school days, I never had experience to have my face with lots of breakouts. It all started after graduating and taking the board, you see taking the board exam is a stressful event in a nursing life and that's were I started to have problems with my skin and it have never returned till now. 

When I started using the Happy tea time cleansing foam all those breakouts lessen but was not completely vanished and as what I have said after I stop using it, again I've seen lots on my face and I'm having it again. I also have the habit of pricking my pimples because when I just let it be and not prick it, it won't disappear in my face no matter what. 

But what's good with the Be clear cleansing foam which I replaced is... even though I have lots of pimples and even when I prick and have a scar from pricking, continued use of be clear cleansing foam made my scar whiten and even it to the color of my face. All the darken spots would disappear after weeks of using the product so in the end I don't have to worry about it.

But still... I wanted to find a good product for myself that would totally return my previous clear skin. So if anyone would suggest anything. please do add it in the comment.

Thanks for reading.... ^^

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