Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thanks to KPOP =P

Lately I've been scanning the net for some interesting movies or dramas that I would enjoy but I haven't seen one that would satisfy me. Then I accidentally opened some korean variety shows and watching it made me laugh and became interested with the guest of variety shows.

So now here I am...
I should be studying right now but I am stuck here watching varieties and fancams/ fanmade videos of kpop idols. My excitement and interest on them have gradually increase.

Well... I just love watching this kind of shows that my mom and brothers would tell me that I look crazy laughing out loud alone in my room and smiling by myself. But I don't care about what they are saying.. I'm having fun and enjoying it that I could at least forget about the stress I'm suffering for a few days now.

So for anyone else like me.. . you might also forget your stress.. just find something that would help you divert your emotions because you know... LIVING A STRESSFUL LIFE IS WOULD ONLY MAKE YOU UGLY. =P

So for me.... I'm thanking Super Junior, 2am, 2pm, mblaq, shinee, ss501 and other kpop for their funny varieties... And most of all I could forget about my depression....  I'm laughing now... >_< =D

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