Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If Only Love Goes Easily

If only love goes?
When I have loved him for years and he's the only one I've been longing for.
And from the moment I wake up he's the first thing that fill my mind
He's the one I hope to dream when I sleep.
That even wide awake my mind wanders from reality.
Having my own fantasy of you and me.

I've been so in love but felt so sad
that love was all I had.
Coz you were not mine but somebody else's
Somebody else's...
owns the heart that I've longed
Somebody... not me...
But I'm okay... I'm fine...
If only love goes easily
I can be alright as time passed by

I can only look at you and be satisfied
to see you smile and happy with her
even if it hurts this much, I'll endure
Hoping someday, you'll know my heart
even if you won't reciprocate
just let me say...
I never meant to feel this way
If only love would just go away

I know I'm such a fool...
But I can't stop my heart,
can't let it end what it's feeling
So hope you would understand
but for now just let me be
Be a fool in loving you

Coz I will be alright as time passed by
If only love goes easily

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