Saturday, June 9, 2012

words left unspoken

Sometimes we have somethings that we would like to say to someone,
 feelings we wanted to verbalized or thoughts that we left unspoken. 
We tend to keep it to ourselves and hoped that someday, 
somehow those emotions that we had kept would be noticed by the person
 that those messages where intended to, even if it was all hidden in silenced.
 Hoping that, even though it was kept wordless and unsaid,
 the actions or gestures that expressed those feelings 
would be noticed by that special person in your life, 
that even in though simple gestures it would be clear to him/her how you feel. 

But I know also that no matter how you tried to show it...
there are just some people who were to blind to see and to noticed

so I wanted to put in this page... all the things I wanted to tell you
but these words, I can't tell it to you up front because of too many reasons...
and also I know that even though I put it here... you won't be able to find it
or know that it's me... 
But if you do find it... I would be happy... coz even though I'm
UNKNOWN to you... at least I have delivered what my heart wanted to say for so long...

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