Saturday, June 9, 2012

Memorable Quotes

eVeRy pErSon hAs tHeIr oWn sOng InSiDE tHeir HeArT... A sOng oF yOur owN... aLL yOu hAve tO dO iS sEarCh fOr iT and LeaRn to lisTen...  
 -----------------------------------------by cryingwitch (sOngS mUsT bE SunG FrOm tHe hEart)
Everyone is suffers from their intertwined fates... While the only thing I can do is stand by and watch...  
------------------------------------------------------------------------- -= Yuuki in Vampire Knight=-
You might not notice the changes in yourself, but only the people who pay close attention to you will...  
----------------------------------------------------------------- -=by Mr. Caretaker in Shugo Chara=-
If one is born with 100% possibility then let's live our lives at 100%
-------------------------------------------------------------------= Ending Song of Shugo Chara=-
How funny life is... Even if it's a JinDo dog if it does not have a bloodline certificate it becomes a mutt, and even if it's a mutt if it has a bloodline certificate it becomes a JinDo Dog.
---------------------------------------------------------=by Oh Soo Jung in Get Karl!Oh Soo Jung=-
It's okay to fail once or twice... It's part of life...You're holding a dream so large that no one can ever imagine... it's okay to be's okay to always hold a dream so confidently because it's yours! 
-------------------------------------------------------------------- -=Hinamori Amu in Shugo Chara=-
  It's being a fool making yourself think that there's someone who will come and comfort you. Because in reality there's no one who can understand and take care of your wound better than you... Yourself..
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  by cryingwitch
 Sometimes you need to hear it straight from other people to realize that you've been acting stupid! 
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  by cryingwitch
Life will knock us down but we can choose whether or not to get back up.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------_Karate Kid (Jackie Chan)_ 
 You know what's the purest thing in this world? It's the heart when it's in  love with someone...
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _=LOve in The MasK=_

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