Saturday, June 9, 2012

What my Heart Convey

What my Heart Convey...

Tears are not enough to ease away the pains of the heart… because if crying liters of tears could take away all the pain… I would definitely be the first one to do it!

At times, you never appreciate the value of a person when they are just near… We tend to set them aside or even left them... We tend to be at ease that were doing fine...Coz we know no matter what, they will always be there when we got back...  But when we got back and they're already gone… we always wonder why they left.

It’s hard to miss a person… You wished that somehow you could still hug them, you wished that somehow you could have spend more time with them… But even though you kept on wishin’ , hopin’ , and wanting… But time and circumstances could not permit you anymore… It’s because that “person” is already gone and out of reach! =(

Why did I let myself believe that miracles happen and now all I only do is pretend that I don’t care of what is happening, but deep inside I have a hard time accepting that everything is bound to change all of the sudden now or maybe tomorrow.

It’s hard to change the expectation of people about you… coz if you do… you might just make them even more disappointed...

Sometimes when the people we trusted and cared a lot betrayed us, we tend to disregard their mistakes. But if that same person keeps on repeating the same mistake but still we didn't notice because we love that person. It's not just that we didn't notice it. We just can't accept the reality in front of us.

Love is indeed amazing…
It shows us what happiness is
It let us feel how to die in pain
It teaches us to give then at some point it makes us to be selfish

Sooner or later I will truly be facing the real journey of life with only myself to depend on. Although fear and anxiety is in my heart, I know no matter what God would never leave my side.

when i am alone i can be assured that no one will hurt me…
i can assure myself that no one could make me feel sad…
i can assure myself that i could be happy… there’d be no worries..

It easy to say to change the way your life had been but it is just so hard to even think where to start.

Part II

§      The longer you hide my feelings for someone. The more you fall and the more it gets hard to forget.

§      it hurts to love someone and not to be loved n return but what’s more painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let that person know what you felt.

§       Sometimes you need to hear it straight from other people to realize that you've been acting stupid!

§      They said that if you keep on remembering the person, that person is always thinking of you. Well… I somewhat don’t believe this but I hope it would be true. Because in every days that I remember you, I was always hoping you’re thinking of me too.

§      when will I ever have the courage to face my fears… LIFE itself!

§      It would be less painful if you tell me that you don’t like me than seeing you trying to ignore me and staying away from me without knowing why and what I did wrong!

§      Pretending to myself once in a while that you would also someday like me is far better than assuming that you had.

§      No matter how scared you are … you have no choice but to face it all on your own with all the courage you can have.

§      No matter how loud you tried shouting what you feel and what you wanted to say,
if the person you wanted to hear those words don’t listen —-
everything would all be useless

§      No matter how and what I felt, no one will/should ever know because it’s the only way I could live my life without sorrow.

§      Sometimes I wonder where my heart went, why I feel emptiness inside me that I can’t even feel a heartbeat. Every time I felt this I just get scared that I unknowingly tried closing my eyes and listen, putting my hands in my chest trying to feel if my heart is still there.

§      When giving or doing good deeds… Never Expect Something in Return even the word “THANK YOU”!
You’ll just end up disappointed/frustrated when you do! Because… not everyone would gladly appreciate you!

§      When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.

§      Having positive thoughts is good but there are just times that you should also see the negative
to avoid disappointments, guilt, and worthless emotions. …. that’s the reason they’re paired…
  because only positive and negative attracts…

§      Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing. Some people are not even worth your words.

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