Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Impeachment trial ... A way to cover each ones flaws

I'm really furious right now listening to news about CJ Corona. I can't bare listen to what most senators and the others who condemned him says and I am really getting fed up of all this trials. It's like this is the only duty that government officials know.

Impeachment trial is just a way to cover up each ones flaws and only focus on one persons mistakes. It's only an act of those people in position as show off to the people that they are doing something when in fact the country remains the same and slowly progressing.

I am not pro Corona or anybody else, but I can't just help myself from being angry from what all of them are saying. It's as if they have not done anything wrong to the country, it's as if they have not stolen anything, it's as if they all have pure conscience.

Yes, CJ Corona might have been corrupt  but was he the only one? And true, it's your duty to conduct trials and hear them, but don't act as if your all so reputable saying those empty words "para sa mamayan/ sambayanan".

Shussshhh... I really hate those words.

Who among all of you present during the hearing have not done what he have done? Stop being hypocrite! Stop saying it's for the people of the Republic because clearly it's not, it's all for your own gain.

All of you in position... all you know is find fault from each one. Looking for someone to condemn and to blame. It's really true that politics is the dirtiest game, everyone are watching one another and when they find that one person to targeted then everyone else will unite and then so on.

Tsk tsk.... All you're doing had become a cycle and it's already tiring listening to all of you.
Why don't your judge each of yourselves, why don't you also investigate everyone inside the government. Then if that happens, I won't be surprise if all of you will be found guilty and all of you be put to jail.

After this impeachment trial for Corona, who would be next?
I won't be surprise if next year or two there would be another trial.
Why don't you just look at the country... don't just watch, listen to what the people really want not just hear their cry.

"He That Is Without Sin,Cast The First Stone"

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