Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Teatime Aloe tea Cleansing Foam Review


I bought this Etude House Happy Teatime Aloe Tea Cleansing foam as part of my Etude House haul last 3 or 4 months ago.

Happy Teatime Aloe tea Cleansing Foam
 I decided to buy this product when my friend told me about this.


Here it is, Etude House Happy Teatime Aloe Tea Cleansing Foam. Well, since this is my first time making a review I'm quite not sure where to start and what to write.

It has been months since I bought this but I only made a review now because I wanted to first see the effect of the product before I say something about it.

 So now that I almost emptied the product, here's what I have to say:
The 1st thing that I love about this product is its price... haha =)
I bought it for only P148.00 and it's amazingly quite big (150 mL) for it's price. It's really worth the money since I have used it for months now (approx. 3-4 months).

The next thing I love is it's scent,it's the first thing I did when I got this, it really do smell like aloe and it does not have that harsh scent that could irritate the nose, so those who are sensitive with scents could would enjoy this because it doesn't only have that fragrant scent, the scent is also relaxing.
 When I bought this product, I was really so troubled about a lot breakouts in my face after having an allergy. I had used other products after but they weren't effective, I even had more and more pimples.

So I tried this product, hoping this could help lessen all those ugly pimples and I was not disappointed of it's effect. After using it for the first time, my face seemed like it was so clean and smooth and after 2 days I have seen that most of my pimples are drying out and those that are about to erupt before I started using it had lessen and some where gone. 

I don't expect this product to clear my face just like a miracle though , but I really love this product because it doesn't cause me breakouts and make my face smooth. Now after months of using it, I'm satisfied with the results.

I can only have breakouts during my period and when I get allergy but it was not like before when I haven't used this. 
All of my old dark spots due to my previous pimples where gone and I have less bumps (only during periods and those cause by allergy) in my face. And also, I am not allergic with this.

So I would definitely recommend this product and surely will buy another one.

(But sadly, I visited Etude House last week, but this is not available but since I really needed another cleanser so I decided to buy the Be Clear Cleansing Foam. I will try it and hope it won't do bad for my skin and I will be doing a review about it and some other etude house products soon.)

Thank you for reading my review...  Happy Teatime...

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  1. I love this cleanser too! And I'm glad to know it worked well on you, too! Yes, I believe some Etude House stores have already discontinued this, but I'm happy it hasn't happened yet here in Manila. Time to hoard I guess!


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