Monday, February 14, 2011

shocking Love/ power of Love

Earlier this afternoon, I was watching one of the lunch time show in the television. It was a noontime game and variety show and in one of their game, featured people who were fresh grad but who already had babies and maybe already married.
Well it's not surprising at first b'coz I know now a days it's already a trend for teens. But what really shocked me was... the two contestants in that show, well... I've heard something about that before but I never had figured out to myself that it really does exist and someone could even said it in the open.

College Girl had an affair with a man 30 years older

I couldn't believe at first that such a beautiful girl would have a relationship with a guy who is 30 years older than her, b'coz in a normal way that would have been the age of her father. And also that guy has his own family. It's happening now... I know... college students having an affair with married guys. So while watching that show, I really focus my attention to what would be the girl's reason. She know that the guy has his own family and even though she loved the guy would that be enough reason to have an affair with that guy?? Wow! I can't believe it! Didn't she think about the family, that she might destroy it or something? Or didn't she thought about her own life, that her relationship with the guy is not acceptable to society and even in the bible?? I'm not against with the girl or what, but it's just like its a stupid thing. Well... even others would say that she had been crazy but the thing is she had the reason for doing it and even though others would criticize I guess she didn't regret anything she did coz I know she did it because of too much love for the guy. But her reason just keep me on wondering... is love really like that??? It's absurd... I can't believe how love could be like that. After sharing her story, I guess I slightly understand her for being like that and then after I had a slight admiration for her b'coz at least even after what happened she had learn to correct her every mistakes.

The guy in his 20s' married an old woman

The other story was of the guy who is still in his 20's where I thought at first impregnated a college student like him but I was wrong, his wife was older than him, I guess the lady was about 50 or 60's above or something and the most surprising thing was the woman had already five children. At that moment, I realized that in love age and status really doesn't matter and love could always put a person into something that you never thought that you would do. Our helper even said that the guy was stupid and crazy, she even said that the guy was like jumping in a cliff and hanging his self for having that relationship with that woman. But... we could not judge them if they really love each other. Well... after watching that show  I just questioned myself...

What's in love that people are being stupid??
What's in love that it conquered the power of the mind???
What's in love that it's so mysterious??
What's in love that I can't understand it???

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  1. Sometimes love can't be explained. It just is. I always ask myself "Why does he like her?" or "What makes him so special?" but its pretty much something that can't be explained. When love hits you, it hits hard.


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