Monday, February 14, 2011

key of emotions

It's not easy to be a person full of emotions.
Easy to read by others, coz in just a glimpse the sentiment could all break free.
My mask was taken and everything was put in the open.
Immature as they say but eventhough I tried hard to be the opposite,
it's just as impossible as reaching the moon, coz this is me.
When I'm happy, I smile;
when it's sad, I cry
Laugh at every joke
at times get angry when poke
when mocked by others, I get even.
Kept quiet when my mind is in query
when I'm in fear I'm in adrenaline
It's easy for me to show a tear especially when my heart's in affliction.
But there's something in me that I'm expert to hide
It's the feeling of love that I've felt inside
Coz for me...
It's better not to say how "I love you"
But only show how much "I care for you"
Coz in that way, it would be easier to say...
"Goodbye your on your way!"
I'll forget about you by the way
But I know memories will remain
Hidden in a treasure box with chain.
But it could never be open once again
Coz the key to my heart had been thrown into emptiness...

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