Saturday, October 23, 2010

no one would care

i know i'm emotionally unstable... And most of the time i have difficulty balancing my feelings and what to show in the outside. I wanted to show it, to share it with others and to have someone who would try to comfort without judging me even just for a short moment. But... There's no one their... And the sad part at time is... you thought there would someone who would come... not knowing that their purpose is not making you feel at ease but they even add insult to your already severed injury... Some may even judge you... Telling you that it seems it was not like you acting that way... So now I'd rather keep it all in my mind than share it... so that I would be able to stay away from ridicule... because when you try your hardest to be understood by other people the more it becomes the opposite and the more you get hurt... So it's better to stay hidden and away because I know no one would ever care if I feel hurt and bleeding inside... That's just what it is...

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