Saturday, July 17, 2010

i never wanted this to last...

does anyone wanted that they suffer from one sided love?
Does someone who silently love somebody wanted to stay in that place forever?
Does somebody else who fell in love pushes their self to choose the person their loving?
All my answer to these questions was stated and written in my mind 4 months ago... But still here I am... Undecided if the answers that I have given could truly be the one that I am hoping that it should be...

This blog was just like my feelings... Topsy-turvy... Not direct to what I wanted to say, no one could ever understand this... Just like what I'm love...I guess... No one could ever understand it, coz' even myself at times wonder... This stupid feeling, this stupid heart... No one would ever know what it really felt! Coz I've tried for so long.. But I was never been successful... and I'm tired of trying to think about it anymore...

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