Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fairytale love

Fairytale... It's always loved by little girls... Some dreamed to have one in their life... Some successfully experienced it... Some failed and was disappointed by it... Some are trying again and again, still hoping to someday find it... Some had forgotten about it... And some never had it in their life... Coz not everyone was lucky...

To those who had lived their life like fairytale, most of them maybe are happy, some maybe sad or disappointed or whatever... But to those who never had any of it... What would be the feeling? Would it be sadder that those who had it but failed? Or it would be a lot happier? .... For me... It would be empty... I don't know any word that could describe the feeling... I guess the perfect word is empty... Just like the feeling that you're heart never beats blood, coz even when you try touching your chest, you can never feel your heart beat... It's as if you're numb all over... As if your a living dead... Not capable of loving because your heart is not beating!

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