Sunday, August 21, 2011

Unrequited Love ... For Him

These are the words I wanted to tell him... But eventually, these words would always remain hidden in my heart and only in these songs could I express how I feel...

Wouldn't Change A Thing by Demi Lovato ft. Stanfour
 ---- No matter how you see me or even though I'm invincible to you...
 ---- Even if she's the only one for you and I'm just a simple girl at the side...
 ---- I wouldn't change a thing

The Art of Letting Go
----- It's just hard to let you go... I don't know why?
----- Even though I've tried so many times, but every time I do
----- I wasn't just successful because the more I push my self, the more I just keep on falling...
----- I guess it's just so hard to let go of someone, who from the beginning was never yours
----- And never even once will ever be...

Pain In My Heart
----- I just could explain this pain I'm feeling.
----- Because of this love, this heart I can't help but be foolish.
----- I hate the feeling but the feeling wouldn't just go away easy.

When I see you Smile
----- Seeing you smile, I feel that my day is bright.
----- But sadly, those smiles are not mine.
----- I could only wished that it was for me and appreciate it in a distance.
----- But no matter what, just keep smiling. Even if it's not for me, even if it never even once.

Can't Cry Hard Enough
----- I'm crying... Can you even hear me?
----- I've always tried to be strong in front of you, have you noticed?
----- I've always hoped, that even once could I lean on your shoulder and cry.
----- Can I tell you my pain? Can I cry Hard enough without being ashamed?

I Don't Have the Heart
----- I know you don't love me, I can feel it.
----- But so stupid am I for hoping.
----- Hoping for something I know that is so impossible.
----- Hoping for something that requires a miracle.
----- But can you tell me this... I know my heart would be so touched. Even for once...
----- Even though it means I need to give up... I need to stop.

I Can't Make You Love Me
----- So true, no matter what I do, you're heart won't even budge.
----- I'll always be someone so ordinary in front of you.
----- I'll always be someone who could only watch you from afar, someone who could
----- only follow from your back.
----- Someone who could only hope... Because I can't really make you love me.

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